How to brew espresso coffee

How to brew espresso

Espresso conquered the world many years ago, and has since enjoyed great popularity. In addition to espresso as a standalone beverage, it should be noted and those that are prepared on the basis of: Americano, latte, cappuccino, mocha and many others.

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What is espresso

Espresso – this is a coffee drink that is prepared by forcing hot water under high pressure through powdered coffee beans. Preparing this coffee only in the special coffee maker (espresso machine), and his birthplace is Italy, where it was invented this device. And, so came to the liking of the inhabitants of the Apennines this coffee is that today there is a national Institute of Italian espresso.

Scientists of the research center have developed specific criteria that must be met for perfect espresso:

The amount of coffee per Cup – 7G;

The amount of water for one Cup – 30-45 ml;

Pressure – 9-10 atmospheres;

The water temperature is 88-92 degrees;

Cooking time of 22-28 seconds.

How to prepare espresso

Most of the work for the preparation of espresso coffee rests on the coffee machine, we only need to properly prepare him for this work (fill coffee, pour in water) and check that everything is running as it should.

The main sign of a properly prepared espresso – it is a uniform, dense, smooth, dark Golden foam (“Crema”). At the exit of the drink from the machine, as it needs to flow thick thin stream, forming the so-called “mouse tail”.

The quality of the prepared beverage affects the cooking time and the quality of the device. But a special role is played by the coffee grinding for espresso.

Coffee grinding for espresso

It is known that there are three main types of coffee grind: fine, medium and coarse. The fine grinding is suitable for making coffee in cezve (ibrik) or a drip coffee maker, medium – universal, is most often used when using a French press, and rough – in for hot coffee. Grinding coffee for espresso isolated in a separate group, which according to the degree of comminution refers mainly to a finer grind:

fine espresso grind (fine espresso grind);

a medium coarse grind (medium coarse grind);

medium fine grind (medium fine grind).

A specific type of grind for espresso is specified in the instructions to operate the coffee machine, but if the machine refers to the last release, it will be equipped with a special device that will shred up to required level of grain.

If you want to fill pre-ground coffee, and no hint of the kind of grinding manufacturer of coffee makers are not pointed out will have to determine this empirically. It should be remembered that too fine a grind will give an excessive amount of caffeine coffee, it will be unpleasant to taste bitter, and the filter machine can become clogged. In turn, the coarse grind will not disclose your coffee to its full flavor and taste, and the drink will be fresh.

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