Types of coffee drinks. How to cook a delicious coffee

How to cook a delicious coffee? Types of coffee drinks

!Don’t drink coffee? Most likely, you just haven’t tasted real bitter espresso, and chocolate mocha, and milk latte….Prepare and you will fall in love with this drink!

Common two varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta.

The first is more refined and less astringent taste sour.

To soften her, Arabica is mixed with bitter and strongly astringent and Robusta. Ideal is a ratio of 6:1 – six parts of Robusta and one part of Arabica.

How to cook a delicious coffee? You need to consider that roasted light, medium, strong or higher on the fan. The size of grains and the grinding effect on the taste – the grain is larger, the richer it turns out the infusion. However, the smaller the particle size, the more delicious the drink. However, this rule works if the coffee steamed in Turka.

By the way, the quality of the ground coffee is deteriorating rapidly, so it is better to grind at times. Buy it in an airtight cans or packages. After opening it can be stored without loss of quality and taste properties of one month. Moreover, in glass jars with tight-fitting lid that does not absorb the flavors of other foods.

Freshly ground coffee beans and are called natural. The soluble, almost completely missing the true, inherent to the drink taste and aroma.

Cream (crema) – the so-called dense velvety color foam formed on the surface of the coffee.

How to cook a delicious coffee

Types of coffee drinks – espresso

This is the basis of any coffee beverage. Real espresso is prepared in a special machine under pressure.

The extraction time is about 30 sec. If you overdo it, the drink will be bitter. To nethergate – the taste and aroma will not be disclosed.

Espresso valued for its cream. So professionals say the drink lives just 15 seconds, after which the foam begins to dissolve. Not had a drink for a specified time? So, did not appreciate the richness of taste.

At home, espresso can be boiled in a cezve.

Add 2 tsp of finely ground coffee and place on a well-heated oven.

Warm up for about 5-10 seconds, pour 150 ml of cold water and reduce the heat to low.

When coffee begins to rise, remove the pot and a couple of seconds then put. Repeat steps 5-7 more times.

After the last off the fire, pour into it I tsp of ice water. Coffee slurry settle to the bottom.

Pour the drink into the Cup.

It is important that the drink has a thick. Sprinkle a pinch of brown sugar to the espresso. On the surface quality espresso grains will be late and will not sink immediately.

Drink when an urgent need to cheer up.

Espresso with hot milk and a layer of smooth shiny foam. Consists of three equal parts espresso, hot milk and cream.

Whisk 190 ml of milk into a solid foam. Prepare 60 ml of espresso.

Pour the milk, slightly razbaltyvayas espresso Cup, so as to form a coffee ring.

Garnish with cinnamon or cocoa if desired.

Too hot the milk will taste bitter cappuccino, and too cold will not allow to achieve a good high foam. The best use of the milk to a temperature of 60-65 °C.

Important! Carefully place the cream on the coffee spoon. It lasts and doesn’t fall? So, cappuccinos, cooked perfectly!

Drink the morning, slowly, to Wake myself up.

Types of coffee drinks – American

Classic black coffee, less saturated than cappuccino. Distinctive feature – the cream should completely cover the coffee. Similar in appearance to coffee with milk.

Actually only consists of water and an espresso.

In a Cup (180 ml) boiling water pour 30 ml of freshly prepared espresso.

It is important to pour the espresso into water and not Vice versa, otherwise the coffee will burn out and become bitter.

Drink during a business meeting or an important meeting, to give yourself confidence.

Espresso with hot chocolate under a layer of frothed hot milk. It is called chocolate cappuccino.

Whisk 170 ml of milk with 14 g of cocoa powder in a thick foam.

Take a Cup of newly made espresso (60 ml) and a little chat with her to form a coffee ring. Then stir in the milk with cocoa.

On top of a teaspoon drop a speck of whipped milk. Garnish with cinnamon or cocoa if desired.

The excellent mocha three rings: coffee, chocolate and foam (not less than 1 cm). Plus milk spot, emollient first SIP.

Drink after a hard day’s work and relax.

Types of coffee drinks or how to cook a delicious coffee

Dairy and easiest coffee of all. It has more milk than coffee – 3:1.

Whisk 180 ml warmed to 65 °With milk in not very thick foam.

Sharp movement right in the centre, pour 30 ml of espresso and wait until the formed layers.

If desired, add cinnamon or syrup.

Best for latte fits the normal milk fat, beat it in a metal jug.

Important! Foam should be gentle, with a height of exactly 1 cm with a smooth surface and no bubbles. Their presence indicates that the milk is overheated. The taste of the latte will be bitter.

Good to drink after important negotiations or quarrel to relieve stress.

Coffee drink of espresso, milk, syrup and ice. Most suitable caramel and vanilla syrups.

Make 30 ml of espresso. Mix it in a blender with 50 g of chopped ice and syrup to taste.

In a tall glass pour 150-200 ml of cold milk. Put two ice cubes. Then put the coffee pulp from the blender.

Serve ice-latte immediately, otherwise the layers will mix, and the drink will not look so impressive.

Drink with friends at any time of the day .

By the way, for a fun company to prepare a strawberry cake without baking. but if you have time, you and cakes with apricots. for example – fruit muffins.

Espresso, decorated with a cap of milk foam.

Shake 50 ml of milk in a thick lush foam.

Make 60 ml espresso and drip into it I tsp of milk foam.

Drink work in the afternoon, when the tank is low, but still enough.

Coffee with a creamy texture, rich taste and a pattern of foam. For cooking use flat white espresso, not extracted for 30 sec. as usual, and 15. And call it “cortissimo”. With such a rapid extraction of the ground coffee beans have time to give all their rich aroma, and caffeine is smaller than regular espresso.

At home you can use the classic espresso.

1. Make 30 ml of espresso. Heat 180 ml of milk until, until it acquires a creamy consistency. It’s about 64 degrees.

2. Stir the milk so it blends with foam. Holding in one hand a Cup of espresso, begin a circular motion pour in warmed milk.

3. The milkman would drop as low as possible, but do not touch them drink.

4. When the Cup is almost full, instead of circular motions do the one swinging from side to side, going down with the top edge of the Cup down. You will see how it will be.

5. Downstairs, lift the milkman and abruptly pull out the picture of one trickle up. Ready! Espresso Cup, remain immobile while creating the drawing.

Do not boil the milk! A sign that it is preheated to the desired temperature, bubbles, running in circles. This coffee drink is desirable to savor, building grandiose plans.

And what kind of coffee drinks do you like?

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