The types and varieties of coffee

The types and varieties of coffee

There are thousands of varieties of coffee, and not confuse the concepts of species, variety and cultivar.

Kinds of coffee

On the coffee plantations in the world from 40 native species grow only three – Arabica, Robusta and


Arabica makes up the lion’s share of the total coffee produced in the world – 70 %, despite the fact that this species is difficult to grow, and therefore more expensive than other types. He gained such popularity due to the gentle and subtle taste. View Arabica has many varieties, the names of which are familiar to connoisseurs. The most well-known varieties of Arabica: Bourbon, mocha, tipico, abyssinica, maragogi.

Robusta is stronger and less elegant. Despite the ease of cultivation and higher yields, this coffee belongs to a lower class than Arabica. Robusta, as a rule, add in coffee mixture to give them strength. Varieties Robusta: conillon (Brazil), Kouilou (Congo), Java-ineac (Indonesia), congensis.

Liberica is not popular. Coffea liberica is resistant to diseases, but, unlike Robusta, low-yield, and taste of grains is poor, so liberica use only in mixtures.


The taste is strongly dependent on the conditions in which to grow coffee tree. Arabica from Colombia and Arabica from Java island – this is not the same in taste and, consequently, price. Coffee grown within one country, can also be very different. Colombian Arabica, collected in the South in the highland plantations and Arabica, grown in the tropical forests of the same Columbia – to the taste it’s two completely different drink, and the second will be more fragrant and rich, and the price of it – 50% higher.

Coffee plantations there are at least 50 countries, each of them can offer not one variety, which is why there is such a variety. The names are written with capital letters, because each of them unique, and often indicate the country of origin: for example, Bourbon Santos Brazil (all Brazil), Kubo, Altura (Cuba), Colombian Arabica (Colombia).

In Europe, popular varietal coffee mixture. Often it is a mixture of Arabica beans grown in different countries, either Arabica with a small percentage of Robusta beans. The preparation of mixtures requires a special art, the best of them use a professional Barista.

Coffee brewing methods

Kind of a grade would undoubtedly defines the taste of the finished drink, but no less important is the method of cooking.

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