Preparing coffee in the East or how to brew coffee in Turku

Preparing coffee in the East or how to brew coffee in Turku

In our first «How To» we describe one of the ways of proper coffee in a cezve. Method of preparing coffee in the Eastern (Turkish, Greek) dates back to the 16th century, preceding almost all other used in the present methods. Actually the flow or jezve quite simple. Most importantly – to follow the basic rules .

Oriental coffee – a method of preparing coffee require constant attention while cooking.

Let’s start with the grinding. If you want to make real coffee in the East, the first thing you will need a grinder that can do very fine grinding. In fact – in the dust. Or you manual mill for coffee. Ideal for these purposes to use traditional Turkish brass coffee grinder, which will provide the necessary grinding. In addition to «» mill we need good quality water (filtered or dining room), good freshly roasted coffee, a metal spoon for stirring, copper or brass Turk .

Note that one serving of coffee in the more Eastern portions of espresso and reaches up to 90 ml per serving. The volume of a Cup of coffee is not commensurate with the Turks. In Turka when brewing should be a free space, but not much. The cooking process involves lifting of the foam in several stages. If you leave the foam in Turku will be small, you will get trouble in the form of dirty plates. Well, if space for the foam are, then coffee will burn on the walls of the Turks, which will give unnecessary bitterness. If done correctly, you will get in the Cup is very sturdy and very pleasant to the taste of coffee. When preparing Turkish coffee is violated one of the rules of coffee making: we don’t boil water and bring it to a boil.

Never keep your attention with the Turks on the fire. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye and you make a little mess in his kitchen.

Table water or water from the faucet filter is fine. In any case, do not use untreated tap water.


We need: a Coffee mill, a Turk, a spoon for stirring, sugar, water, coffee cups. Fans of spice – to be cardamom. But be careful with spices – we prepare coffee


We make a coffee grinding. Grinding is necessary at the rate of 1 coffee spoon per serving. The grind should be in the dust, i.e. the smaller – the better.

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