Basic methods of preparation of professional coffee

Humanity is more than multisatellite his acquaintance with coffee invented a variety of methods and tools for its preparation. However, for use in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, cafes only fit four of the most technologically advanced.


The parameters of preparation:

The water temperature in degrees Celsius: 88-92

The water pressure, ATM: 9

The grind: very thin

Drink’s volume, ml: 25-30

The extraction time, h: 25+(-)3

Caffeine content, mg: 60-90

The word is masculine, not declined. Comes from the word “fast” means:

1. Way of making coffee, firmly established in Italy by the end of the 1940s.

2. Coffee made in this way.

Espresso is prepared with about 25 +(-) h, by pressing one button. Previously the espresso Cup is heated. Pressure of 15 bar ( or 9 ATM?), the steam passes through the ground coffee. Coffee temperature at the outlet is 88-92 degrees Celsius. For espresso uses a very fine grinding. Golden brown dense foam on top of coffee, called “the cream” – an indicator of a properly prepared espresso. It can be used to judge the quality of the espresso.

Espresso coffee is brewed with a specially designed espresso machines comprising the special conditions for extraction, calculated empirically.

Espresso is optimal extract flavoured ground coffee; a drink is good in itself, but can be used as flavoring dominant to create coffee drinks, lattes, cappuccino and a variety of coffee cocktails, etc.

Drinks based on espresso can be 100% modern coffee menu coffeehouse.


The parameters of preparation:

Method: filter coffee

Equipment type: filter machine

The weight of coffee per serving,g: 6-10

The water temperature in degrees Celsius: 92-96

The water pressure, ATM: 1

Grinding: srednogorie

Drink’s volume, ml: 200

The extraction time, h: 360-480

Caffeine content, mg: 120-150

Coffee medium grind is poured into disposable paper filter or reusable cone, and the hot water passes through the coffee at the top.

Do not use fine grinding, the water contact with coffee is too long, and the coffee will turn bitter. Furthermore, in such machines the coffee is not hot to leave more than 30 minutes, otherwise the drink will get a bad taste.

Drink that poluchaetsya after the passage of hot water under gravity through a filter filled with ground coffee. Characteristic of Anglo-Saxon culture of coffee consumption.

Formed in Germany in 1900-ies; one of the founders of this method of brewing is considered Melitta Bentz, the Creator of the company Melitta.


The parameters of preparation:

Method: Oriental coffee (on the sand)

Equipment: the apparatus “Oriental coffee” (AR)

The weight of coffee per serving,g: 6-7

The water temperature in degrees Celsius: 96-98

The water pressure, ATM: 1

The grind: extremely thin

Drink’s volume, ml: 50-60

The extraction time, h: 300-420

Caffeine content, mg: 80-100

7 grams of extremely fine ground coffee, pour a half glass of fresh cold water and cook on low heat but do not boil. As soon as you start up the coffee foam coffee remove from heat and, without straining, then poured into cups. Extremely fine grinding ensures a rich foaming.

If you like sweet coffee, add sugar to the water before cooking. We also recommend you add when cooking a few crystals of salt – this will emphasize the unusual taste of the coffee.

If desired, you can add in a Cup a few drops of water to the sediment settled faster. Separately served cold boiled water. Coffee to drink in small SIPS and drink it with cold water. This gives you the opportunity to experience its wonderful taste.

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