1000 ways to brew coffee

Feel Italy at home

1000 ways to brew coffee

A favorite drink of Italian coffee. They drink it everywhere, at home and outside the home, his drinking is almost always time for socializing and meetings. If you need to discuss the working moments or simply to chat with friends, this is done over a Cup of coffee.

Look at the face of the bartender when the former ordered just coffee. Suspicious look followed by the question: “Normal?”

Of course not! Anything but crazy.

Ristretto (small), large, macchiato hot or cold (with milk) in a large Cup or glass, doppio (double dose of coffee in one Cup), Moroccan, caffeine free, whipped in secure, cold milk, cool with ice, with a glass of water, natural or sparkling, American coffee or coffee from barley (asking a few), with cream, liquid or whipped, corretto (with the addition of liquor, etc., etc. Can still go on, because each region has its own particular coffee. But we should not forget about Neapolitan coffee is a kind of religion and as such should be considered: films, books and songs giving praise to this drink.

Ask an Italian how to make coffee in a coffee maker Moka. The idea is that it should be a kind of ritual, like when the Japanese make tea, and then they should have their own rules. I think, right? No, wrong. Every Italian rules of coffee making and it will also explain the meaning and implications of these rules. It is a pity that his neighbor knows how to cook the perfect coffee, but the rules of cooking are not the same.

Coffee is prepared with tap water, spring, mineral, natural, and even rain.

Some fans brewed coffee on alcohol and not on the water, the result is a delicious coffee liqueur. But I do not advise to experiment, this is very unsafe, because the coffee could explode if you cook like this coffee on the fire, cook on the electric stove.

Fill the filter Afewerki fully, below or slightly above the edges of the filter, half and one third. On the question, to compress or not to compress the coffee in the completed filter, there is a lot of literature. There are fans who sprinkled the cafe in the filter heaped, in the form of a pyramid.

Screw the coffee maker greatly, slightly or normally depends on the tastes, as well as cook on a strong, weak or medium heat. When brewing coffee, someone’s holding the lid of the coffee maker open, but at least most brews coffee with the lid closed.

The exact time of withdrawal of coffee from the fire is a mystery, reminiscent of the time of withdrawal from the heat of the pasta “al dente”, who on that much.

The coffee is ready. I think that was it? Now you need to decide whether to interfere with coffee in the coffee maker or not. Finally, the coffee was in the Cup. But in a porcelain Cup with thin walls or thick, cold Cup or in a pre-heated? We still have to choose a type of sugar (white or brown), as well as how to drink this coffee, just hot or slowly as it cools?

Now, when you get completely stuck, want to know what cafe I drink?

This, of course, depends on the time of day, day of week, and of course mood. In the morning ristretto, but if it’s Saturday or Sunday, then hot coffee with milk. After lunch a large coffee with brown sugar. On Sundays a medium coffee. In the evenings only drink coffee without the cafeine. Well, if a bad mood, cappuccino with a croissant.


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