4 basic recipe coffee frappe

4 basic recipe coffee frappe

Every time, if you are going to learn a new to me recipe of some popular dishes, I try to get to its classic version, and only then try to do different variations on this theme. Here such here I «the seeker of culinary truth».

Traditional coffee frappe

Ground black coffee – 28 grams;

Water – 100-120 ml;

Milk (3 %) – 200 ml;

Ice cubes – 6-10 PCs.

Method of preparation:

Weld 2 servings of espresso doppio (double). Coffee take fine grinding.

Just combine the cold coffee with milk and ice cubes in blender and beat first on low speed and then at a maximum to obtain a thick milky-coffee mousse.

Classic home cooking recipe coffee frappe

Instant coffee – 3 tsp;

Milk (3%)- 300 ml;

Cold water – 100 ml;

Sugar – 6 h. l;

The method of preparation is extremely simple.

All the components combine and beat with a mixer or hand blender until you get a stable foam.

Served in a tall cocktail glasses as follows: first, put the ice cubes, and pour on top frappe.

Do not forget the straws!

Chocolate coffee frappe: like they do in bars

Below is a more complicated version coffee frappe, it is most often prepared in bars.

Freshly brewed coffee espresso 100 ml;

Dairy ice cream mix or ice cream itself – 140 ml;

Chocolate syrup – 40 ml ;

Whipped cream – 40 g;

Crushed ice;

Chocolate topping.

Method of preparation:

Fresh espresso connected with ice, milk mixture or ice cream, chocolate syrup. All this is shaken using a shaker.

Served frappe in a special glass, decorated on top with a pair of coils of air whipped cream and chocolate topping.

Coffee without milk frappe

This classic Italian recipe of cold coffee «adult» beautiful in its simplicity and minimalism, is the perfect solution for all those who for any reason does not drink milk.

Espresso coffee – 100 ml;

Crushed ice

Method of preparation:

It’s very simple. Freshly brewed espresso served in a glass with the addition of crushed ice.

There are many variants of this type of frappe. For example, it can be submitted in the form of espresso Lachin (wet cappuccino, milk and milk froth) with the addition of black or white chocolate (option espresso Lachin mocha or white mocha), caramel (caramel espresso Lachin) or vanilla ice cream (Coppa espresso).

Nice weather and of course great coffee!

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