Torrefacto roast coffee

Many of you probably remember the article “the French press: a special investigation”. we reviewed the history of the French press, the main approaches to the preparation of coffee and drew conclusions about the importance of using stone grinder.

However, what was missing in the above article is an illustrated step by step instructions on cooking a tasty and fragrant Cup of coffee in a French press. In this article, I decided to share how I make coffee in the French press.

This material will be of good help for those who first encounters with the French press and the Foundation for your future independent experiments. Because only you yourself will come to best for you dosage, preparation time, and other variables.


To make coffee in a French press is easy. Much harder to make a good tasting Cup of coffee. The result is influenced by several factors, about which I would like to mention at once.

First, the coffee must be fresh, i.e. from the moment of roasting which was not more than 3-4 weeks. Less – better. No manipulation of stale coffee in a French press will not allow you to get a really tasty and fragrant drink.

Secondly, in order to get the right grind, you’ll need a good coffee grindstone. For proper extraction of the coffee in a French press requires a very uniform grind. To achieve grinding in the usual “propeller” of a coffee grinder will not work.

Thirdly, high-quality drinking water. Water quality plays a huge role in the preparation of all coffee beverages, French press is no exception. Any off-flavors in water can have a significant impact on the taste of coffee produced.

Fourth, compliance with the “correct” without substantial deviation from the guidelines) dosage and cooking time.


So, we need:

Fresh coffee


Kitchen scale (preferably)

French press

Clock or timer

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