How to brew coffee in Turku – the secrets of cooking fragrant and delicious coffee with Crema

How to brew coffee in Turku

Natural coffee is the green beans from the fruit of coffee trees growing in the tropics. The subtle scent and the usual coffee brown acquires only after proper roasting. About the influence of this delicious drink on the human body there are constant disputes. But has already proven that coffee if consumed moderately, it is not only not harmful, but rather enhances the thought process, increased stress and improves response.

There are many ways of making coffee in a special pot, with virtually every fan of this drink uses its own, unique and honed over the years method. At the same time, there are several basic principles of cooking in a pot of good coffee which should be followed in every case without exception.

Preferably, the Turk, which is used for boiling coffee, was made of copper, and teaspoon – silver. The coffee itself must be ground very finely, “in the dust” . Water for making coffee either well or filtered water (bottled, tap or hot water is not used).

Brew coffee in Turku – the main rules

The first stage of cooking, warming up is obligatory Turks – her warm up a bit on the small fire, then poured coffee. The optimal number easy to determine – usually I take one teaspoon in a small Cup, if you want a stronger drink, you need to take a little more powder. Coffee can sprinkle a pinch of salt – lovers claim that this will enhance the flavor of the drink.

Then Turku with ground coffee re-heated on the fire without water, then it is time to add sugar and spices. Please note that the spices do not overdo it by mixing several types at a time – they should complement the taste of coffee, not to be his. In the coffee add the ginger. cinnamon. the cloves. nutmeg and honey is a matter of personal taste.

Sugar, spices and coffee mixed in Turku, and then send it again on low heat. Then in cezve pour cold, and best of icy water, gently stir the contents and again put on the fire. It should be noted that the water level when it comes to the bottlenecks on the Turk – surface contact of the coffee with air due to this will be minimal, allowing you to better realize its aroma and taste.

Until the drink is heated, in a prepared coffee Cup you can pour boiling water to take the chill off them. Experts say that cold Cup can spoil the taste and aroma of the best coffee. When the coffee a little bit warmed up, it should again stir is as a result you get a light foam . you can carefully remove and place on the cups, pre-pouring water from them. This procedure can be repeated several times-after pouring hot coffee on top of the drink every time will go up a small amount of foam.

When the coffee warms up enough, it will rise in Turka. We have to shoot her with fire in the last moment before the boiling drink . not allowing him to lead. After this coffee stand to cool for several seconds until you drop the foam, and then again to send it on the fire until boiling. This procedure can be done two or three times – it helps to reveal the taste and aroma of the finished drink.

A few more tips

The drink has a high quality, roasted long in open containers must not be stored. Within 10 minutes access of air a large part of the unique flavour simply disappears. An important role is played by the grinding – the thinner it is, the tastier will be the coffee. The drink is prepared in just a few minutes and in that short time, the coffee should have time to give water its unique properties. The smaller the particle size, the larger the area of contact of the grains with water, therefore, the process will go more quickly. Finely ground coffee will go up before boiling. Such a coffee is more dense foam, it’s like the plug is between air and water at the narrow neck of the Turks, preventing the evaporation of the fragrance.

Sugar is added to the beginning of cooking . so he dissolved before the drink is ready. And if you pour the sugar into the cups and then stir, copeinca long will settle, and drink at this time to cool down. In addition, the syrup, which is dissolved into the sugar, increase the boiling time of water. Without sugar bubbles would be formed faster, boiling would occur more rapidly, which decreases the cooking time, as the process stops before boiling. Foam also is retained better in the beverage in which sugar before cooking.

Do not increase the norm of coffee, but just 1-2 teaspoons per Cup. For the better taste it will not change, and large amounts of caffeine will give the drink a bitter taste. And for health it is not very good.

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