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Proper cappuccino

The basis for a true cappuccino is all the rules of the espresso and milk froth steam the machine to a certain temperature and consistency.

Cappuccino is a drink of Capuchins

Today, cappuccino is the most popular and best-selling

coffee drink Russian coffee shops, restaurants and cafes, and it is home to Sunny Italy. The color palette combination of coffee and milk is associated with brown robes of the monks of the Capuchin – hence the name of the drink ( cappuccio in Italian – “hood”, a cappuccino -“nasturtium”).

On another, more popular legend, cappuccino invented by Capuchin monks of a monastery in the North of Rome. They, like all ascetics, were deprived of many earthly pleasures, so enjoy coffee with milk was allowed a small consolation. To get more foam, the drink began to shake up, but the foam was unstable. And then remembered the coffee with frothed cream. But this coffee is hot, and add the cream cold. The monks began to heat the whipped cream with steam, and then learned how to whisk the hot milk and cream mechanical whisk.

Hearing about how amazingly delicious the drink quickly spread through Italy. To improve the technology of its preparation took a self-taught mechanic Giuseppe, who lived not far from the monastery. He invented and built the first unit to the cappuccino . Pressure beating machine consisted of two parts: in the first heated water turning to steam, and the tube fell into the second section, where there was a process of turning milk into a thick milk foam. Currently all of the coffee machine with a device for making cappuccino are working according to this principle.

Another legend says that the invention cappuccino is associated with the name Marco d’aviano, a preacher of the Capuchin order, who lived in the XVII century, which United Christians against a huge army of the Ottoman Empire. According to legend, defeated the enemy army left behind sacks of coffee . The winners thought it was too strong and bitter, and they have diluted it with cream and honey. The drink has turned brown, like the robes of the monks of the Capuchin, and was named “cappuccino” in honor of the order to which he belonged d’aviano.

The technology of preparation of cappuccino

Correct the espresso to pour into pre-warmed cappuccino Cup with a volume of 120 ml.

Pour cold fresh milk (4-5°C) in a pitcher (jug) per serving, given that when foaming it will increase in volume almost doubled.

Open the steam tap – reset accumulated in paratwada tube condensate.

Immerse prootocol up the machine to the milk to a depth of 1-1,5 cm from the surface.

Open the steam tap, placing prootocol the tube so as to create a swirling of the milk in the pitcher – funnel.

In the foaming process to control the increasing volume of milk, to avoid the formation of large bubbles keep the nozzle paratwada tube below the level of the milk in the pitcher, changing the position of the pitcher’s height.

To strictly control the temperature of the frothed milk with fingertips, plus maximum of 75°C, the hand of the Barista cannot tolerate heat – “pain threshold”.

After completion of the foaming process to close the steam valve. Only then prootocol up to extract from the pitcher. Otherwise the problem.

Wipe the steam dispenser with a slightly damp linen napkin, removing milk residues from the surface. For 2-3 seconds to open the steam tap, knocking him from accumulated residues of milk. Wipe dry the steam dispenser.

Take the pitcher and intense circular motion brush continue to stir steamed milk to form a uniform smooth consistency. In the presence of large bubbles, gently tap the bottom of the pitcher on the table surface.

Pour frothed hot milk right smooth consistency in espresso, slightly shaking the pitcher.

The whole process from start to finish the cappuccino should not exceed 1-1,5 minutes.


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