How to prepare espresso coffee


Espresso we drank even when the name is not yet known. It was familiar to the older generation “small double”. But not everywhere it was prepared correctly.

But now each of us can prepare this drink at home. This allows you to make and an abundance of coffee varieties in the stores, and good coffee makers, have already become an

everyday kitchen appliances.

I must say that this espresso is not just very strong coffee. Here there are clearly defined rules.

What is espresso

Espresso coffee is a beverage obtained by passing hot water under pressure through the filter, which is ground coffee powder. In the classic version takes 7 to 9 grams of ground compacted coffee into a pill with 30 ml of water. This is a very strong drink.

The choice of coffee beans

Espresso take strong grain roasting, but not overcooked. This drink should not be burnt or burnt taste or smell.

Best place to buy coffee packaging, which is marked “espresso”. But you can put a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Usually Arabica is obtained twice, but it is also very approximate, because both Arabica and Robusta may be different, as You know.

One of the best Amarok beans for espresso Italian. I prefer Lavazza.

Although espresso is sometimes flavoured toppings, for it to buy ready-flavoured varieties are not worth it. First, it is difficult to assess the quality of the coffee beans, secondly, not the fact that the pleasant smell will remain in the finished drink.

Grinding coffee beans for espresso

Grind for espresso need a very small. If you RUB between your fingers crushed grain, it should remain the feeling of sand. Feel like sugar crystals? Too big. Flour? Too finely.

For espresso sell special hand grinders. Of course, not all of them correspond to the declared characteristics, especially cheap. But if You manage to buy a good, and espresso You drink good.

How to brew espresso

For proper espresso machine at home you will need coffee bean. In the shops is now a great choice with a decent range of prices. My, as I recall, cost about 6 thousand, and it suits me perfectly. Don’t want to make advertising, as enjoyed carob coffeemakers only two firms. One of them is the famous Saeco. I have a firm simpler, but do not notice the difference.

Highly praised the machine. But with all the love for coffee delights hand is not raised to pay such amount.

In holder of the coffee maker fill with coffee powder, sealing his temperam. If done correctly, the water will be very slow to pass through the powder. Standard 30 ml should be 20-30 seconds.

Foam will be reddish and thick with veins.

If she turned out the light, so there was little or powder, or it has been ground too coarsely. Try to make the grind finer.

If, on the contrary, the foam is dark, or grind small or poured coffee a lot.

And a small detail: if the coffee maker to pre-heat it, typing in a Cup first, just water, and only then proceed to the preparation of coffee, the drink will taste better.

Water quality is also of great importance. Bad water can ruin any drink. Try different and compare. I have a good water filter, fine with me. You can try different types of bottled.

How to drink coffee like this

Coffee made by all the rules, and should hold as well.

For there are special espresso cups, called “demits”. They are made of thick porcelain, usually white, small, up to 80 ml. Thick walls allow for prolonged storage of warm drink. Cups also pre-heated by steam or boiling water. Filled the Cup no more than 2/3.

In the Cup is only 30 ml of coffee, which seems to be possible to drink in a few SIPS. But it is not necessary to do so. It should be drunk slowly. The aftertaste SIP persists for a long time, so drag out the pleasure.

It’s about the coffee, a French diplomat said: “…black as night, sweet as sin, hot as a kiss, strong like a curse”.

Varieties of espresso

Doppio – a double espresso. Not all need to order it, all the same here, too much caffeine. A deceptively small volume.

Lungo is the standard amount of coffee (about 8 grams) amount of water twice, 60 ml, sometimes up to 100. Sometimes we served it to lungo, calling it simply “espresso”. Why? Probably more. I once witnessed a disturbance when one woman brought a tiny Cup of coffee. She didn’t understand why for so little money. Maybe such cases fault?

Ristretto is a very strong espresso with standard weight coffee, but the water is only 18-20 ml. is Prepared faster for 15 seconds. Despite a more intense taste, does not contain so much caffeine. The fact is that in the preparation of coffee, the caffeine begins to release immediately, after about ten seconds. And in the beginning – essential oils, giving the drink a flavour and aroma.

Macchiato – added a bit of warm foamed milk. The amount of milk – about half a teaspoon.

Con Panna similar to a macchiato, but added on the top layer of whipped cream instead of foamed milk .

Cafe freddo – cold and sweet espresso. Served with ice cubes in a separate tall glass. Sugar is already in coffee is not served separately.

Macchiato freddo is the same, but the milk is not frothed and cold.

Latte – espresso with milk in a ratio of about 3:7.

Latte macchiato is a drink made from three layers. Below is the milk upstairs frothed milk, in the middle is a layer of espresso.

Romano – added lemon zest or lemon juice. I’m probably not quite the right taste. But I really like when in espresso added just a couple drops of lemon juice, but then the coffee. I used coffee don’t add sugar.

Corretto – added a little bit of liquor, but allowed other spirits. The Italians, for example, add grape vodka (or Grappa).


That’s kind of all the main points for the preparation of tasty espresso coffee. And then – practice. Drink delicious coffee, and enjoy life.

How to prepare espresso coffee
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