How to make coffee with cinnamon –

How to make coffee with cinnamon

There are many different recipes and ways of preparing coffee. It adds and spices (e.g., cinnamon), fruit, and honey. Below we will tell You about how to brew the coffee with cinnamon .

So, we describe in more detail how to brew the coffee with cinnamon in the cezve.

Put in a jar of coffee with cinnamon and cloves somewhere in 1-3 days,

sometimes shake all the contents. This coffee will be ready pleasant scent, not a strong taste with bitterness.

You will need the following ingredients: 1/3 Cup coffee beans; 150 ml of drinking water; 0.5 tsp. sugar (optional), preferably brown. In addition, You will need a grinder and a Turk – the cezve. Beforehand it is necessary to heat water in a separate bowl, and grind coffee beans.

Preparation: pour coffee in a cezve and pour hot water; gently shaking Turku, wait until the foam, but do not boil! Before serving, add the spiced coffee sugar to taste.

Coffee with cinnamon and chocolate

If You are interested in, how to brew coffee with cinnamon and chocolate, below is the recipe and this drink.

You will need the following ingredients: cinnamon, 10 g of chocolate, 1/3 tbsp 25% cream, 125 ml of the prepared coffee.

Preparation: boil a Cup of strong coffee; 1 serving is enough 125 ml. Strain the drink, let it cool and add 0.5 teaspoon of sugar. Then melt a piece of chocolate with 2 tablespoons water. After that, the chocolate, 1/3 tbsp 25 % cream, coffee and a pinch of cinnamon, mix and pour into a mug.

Coffee with cinnamon stick

If You want to learn how to brew the coffee with cinnamon (cinnamon stick), below is the recipe for this drink.

You will need ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, ice, 35 g of whipped cream.

Preparation: pour the cinnamon stick to a Cup of freshly brewed coffee and infuse for 1 hour. Then remove the stick and add a thick whipped cream, and sugar to taste. After that the drink to be cooled. Serve it in tall glasses with ice cubes. And in order that the aroma of cinnamon was even more intense, can stir coffee with a stick of cinnamon. In addition, you can add a bit of clove.

Now You know how to make coffee with cinnamon . Try, experiment, and You will definitely get a tasty and fragrant drink!

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