How to cook Cove

How to make coffee?

The taste of the coffee beverage depends on many components: variety, roasting, storage conditions, to reduce the degree and, of course, the method of preparation. If the wrong approach to this phase can be spoiled and very good coffee. This drink mono to cook in a coffee maker and “manually” in all of us known the Turk.

How to make coffee in a coffee maker

The main advantage of this method of cooking – the speed and lack of need for vigilant monitoring of the process, as when boiled in a cezve. However, it is not so easy, because you also need to choose the coffee maker. And here, believe me, there are plenty to choose from. There are geyser coffee makers, drip, piston, capsule and combined.

In the coffee machine geyser water passes several times through the coffee powder, and partake of its taste and aroma. Thus, the beverage is brewed for about five minutes, after which you can start tasting.

In the drip of the coffee maker the water passes through the filter with coffee only once (albeit very slowly), then it goes into the tank for the finished drink.

A piston machine or “French press” is convenient because it requires no electricity. It consists of a glass flask and cover with the piston. Into the flask is poured coffee, pour the boiling water and close the lid. Five minutes later the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the piston, and the drink is poured into the Cup.

Capsule coffee maker designed for making pressed coffee from capsules. But not always in the stores you can find the right coffee in pressed form, so these units are less in demand.

Combo coffee maker the most versatile of all these. It can make coffee in different ways, depending on your preference. Such a coffee is always provided with your grinder, allowing you to enjoy a drink made from ground beans, not while making a special effort.

Why coffee is brewed in Turku?

These judges believe that coffee should be boiled in a cezve, because when cooked drink himself, watching the changes, invest in the process of making a piece of his soul. But what made the soul always turns out better. In addition, the shape of the Turks as well as possible helps to ensure that coffee when cooking retains its aroma and useful properties. Thanks to the narrow neck of exposure to air is minimized, so the entire bouquet of taste and aroma remains in the drink.

How to brew coffee in Turku?

Many years of research in the field “make coffee” showed that the elapsed time is very important for the final result. Adepts advise not to save the time allotted for the preparation of the beverage. You need to choose very low heat and patience, especially if you are going to treat someone. The longer it is brewed coffee, the better its taste. But, if you are in a hurry, you can heat the drink over high heat. How to brew coffee in Turku to choose, of course, you, but if you listen to the advice of real coffee lover, you will never regret.

Brew coffee in Turku correctly

To correctly make coffee manually, it is useful to know a few little tricks:

Water for coffee should be clean, not from the tap. You can pass it through a conventional filter, or bring from the store.

To get a good drink, use freshly ground coffee. Then the flavor will be more intense.

The finer the grind, the better the taste.

Turku pre-need to warm up a bit. To do this, hold it over the fire, or rinse with boiling water.

In any case when cooking don’t let the drink to a boil.

So, we have clean water, ground coffee powder is very fine grind, a Turk and a stove. You can start to create your magic drink, that is to brew ground coffee in the Turk. As mentioned earlier, warmed Turku, pour coffee there the proportion of one teaspoon per Cup, add sugar to taste, pour water and put Turku on a very slow fire. Continue waiting patiently, watching as the water moves, fragrant steam rises, and on the surface of the drink you receive the foam. It is key to the success of this event. The fact that the foam prevents the evaporation of substances included in the composition of the coffee and gives it a special taste and aroma. Therefore, and in order to avoid boiling and destruction of this useful barrier between the drink and the world. As soon as the foam begins to rise, you must immediately remove the pot from the heat. After that, give drink to settle and repeat the procedure one or two more times. Pour coffee into cups and, as they say, let the whole world wait!

Brew coffee in Turku: recipes

How to brew coffee in Turku now you know, but this is a classic recipe. And the man – it is the being who always want diversity. So here are a few simple recipes.

Arabian coffee

To prepare the “Arab drink” first put the empty Turku on fire for about 20 seconds. After that remove from heat, sprinkle on the bottom of the required amount of sugar and put on fire. When the sugar becomes light brown, add water and bring to a boil. Once the water has boiled, remove the pot and add the coffee. To the beverage brewed longer, and accordingly has become more robust, you can pour in Turku tablespoon of cold water. Next, wait until the foam begins to rise, and remove the drink from the fire.

Coffee Latte

Latte can easily be made at home. Besides the already known ingredients still need whipped hot milk. It is the highlight of this drink. For getting a Latte at the ready hot coffee, brewed in a pot and served in a bowl or tall glass, a thin stream pour the whipped hot milk in a 1:1 ratio. As a result of the milk settles to the bottom, and the top of the drink appears milky coffee scum mono decorate with chocolate crumbs.

Orange coffee

It turns out that coffee may be great to fulfill the role of the soft drink. To obtain this unusual coffee we’ll need orange juice, cold milk and a few ice cubes. Boil coffee in Turku, strain and pour into a tall glass, previously throwing on the bottom of the ice cubes. Add the orange juice. The amount of juice should be a little more than half of the coffee. And the final touch – the cold milk (about 20 ml). Coffee soft drink is ready!

And the main secret: whenever and wherever you was making coffee, do it with love. After all those emotions that you invest in the process, definitely will come back to you great taste and good mood!

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