How to cook a delicious cafe

How to cook a delicious coffee

Coffee – mixed product. One can endlessly argue about the advantages and disadvantages of this or that grade or method of cooking. All have different preferences. Someone gets the freshest choicest grain in a store, and someone quite satisfied with a Cup of “Nescafe”.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the intricacies of buying and storing coffee, as well as some methods of brewing coffee at home.

Why to make coffee manually is sometimes better than the automatic drip coffee maker type?

Standard coffee makers drip type has its fans. Automatic timer in many cases very useful. But if you want to treat 10 people coffee, it is very easy to download, press a button and get the expected result.

And some fans prefer good coffee drink made from this maker. But this miracle machine has significant disadvantages:

You use twice the coffee in an automatic coffee maker, the water flows through the ground coffee and less contact with him than with other cooking methods. Therefore, to get good coffee, use at least two tablespoons per Cup of water. Here spoon, spoon there, but in the end it turns out that coffee is consumed very quickly.

You can’t control the process: key points in the preparation of coffee are the water temperature, amount of coffee and the interaction of water with coffee. When using an automatic coffee maker you will not be able to control all of these points.

Stubborn smell: If you do not thoroughly clean your automatic coffee maker after each use, its tubes and compartments will accumulate remnants of coffee. Perhaps even the appearance of mold. All this will give a freshly brewed coffee a bad taste.

Here are a few tips on buying, storage and preparation of coffee.

How and where to buy coffee

To brew good coffee you will need hot water and coffee of high quality. And you have to look. I would hope that somewhere near you dwells the seller, who roasts the beans on site and on the packaging indicates the date of roasting. But if such seller is not, and you are really interested in the best coffee, then consider buying green beans and self-roasting. It’s actually not as difficult as you might expect, but then will be able to brag that you are a real coffee connoisseur.

Believe me, freshly roasted coffee has a great taste and aroma.

Store the coffee beans properly

Ideal – if the beans are roasted, purchased and used within one week. If not, use the advice of the co-founder of Starbucks, Jerry Baldwin: use the freezer for longer preservation. If you bought a large amount of coffee, then divide it into parts. The part that you use during the week, store at cool room temperature or in the refrigerator. The remaining part can be removed in the freezer and get as needed.

Important is the right grind

Grinders with rotor blades publicly available and are perfect for grinding coffee for drip coffee machines. Blade repeatedly crushed grain. Among true enthusiasts popular coffee grindstone, which mills grain, not crumbles them at high speed and under a random angle. In such a grinder, you can carefully adjust the degree of grinding and the coffee aroma is preserved better.

Use filtered or spring water

Water from the tap usually gives extra flavor coffee and distilled water too empty and tasteless. Many kievari recommended to use filtered or spring water.

The temperature of the water

This is important to achieve the best taste. You can use a thermometer or an electric kettle with water temperature control. And you can use the timer on the stove or microwave: measure once, at which time the water is heated to the desired temperature, and after you set the time on the timer.

And here’s a little review device for making coffee at home:

Ease of use: press Itself is not complicated to use. The ability to heat water to the desired temperature (80° C) comes with time and practice.

Easy washing: easy: throw used “the pill” and rinse aeropress.

Cooking coffee: After heating the water – 1-3 minutes, depends on taste preferences.

The result: Coffee from aeropress similar to espresso. The same density and flavor.

Chemex Coffee Maker

Ease of use: As in the case of aeropress – the device itself is simple, but important water temperature (91-94 ° C), the easiest thing to bring to a boil, and then wait a few seconds.

Easy wash: remove the filter and base, wash vessel.

Cooking coffee: Really 3-5 minutes, but some cook 5-10 more.

The result is similar to coffee pods, very mild, never bitter. Some might initially seem that he was too weak, but maybe it is better than excess bitterness and grounds.

Ease of use: probably the most cunning device, but, overall, not very complex. Water temperature: 91-94 ° C. to stir for 4 minutes and adjust the pressing force.

Easy wash: more Complicated than aeropress.

Cooking coffee: a little more than 4 minutes after heating water.

The result will Appeal to those who love the rich taste and has nothing against small draught.

Ease of use: Fairly simple after a little practice, but you always have to watch out, otherwise you risk to fill the plate.

Easy wash: it is Quite simple, but sometimes have to scrub.

Cooking coffee: According to various, but usually 4-6 minutes.

The result: the Coffee is thick and rich.

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