How to brew coffee in Turku – the secrets of preparing a beverage

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Natural coffee drink almost all the time. Drink it with Breakfast or dinner, during lunch break and at an important business meeting. Such a favorite beverage is a special culture that should be respected.

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To prepare the best coffee in Turku, which are in many ways superior to even the best coffee, because it is in a pot beverage remains extremely fragrant, does not lose any of its properties and taste. In addition, the use of the Turks is a tribute to traditional and classic recipes. That’s just among the many tips and advice, you need to choose the right one for you – so drink to contribute, to give real pleasure. As the flow correctly?

Brewed in Turku drink – a pleasure for the palate

What is coffee

Good coffee starts with quality beans, it is the basis of this delicious drink that can never be replaced. Experts say the existence of more than one hundred and fifty varieties, but there are two of them major: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the most famous among coffee lovers, it has a pronounced aroma and a pleasant acidity. Robusta usually remains undeservedly forgotten, because it is a much more bitter taste, strength, and high content of caffeine. Usually chosen by people waiting exceptionally invigorating effects and Arabica – fans a special taste of the drink and experiments based on it.

The main criterion of selection of coffee, after its varieties, is considered the degree of grinding. It is of three main types:

large or coarse (ideal for coffee (for example, filtration or Express carsand competent for brewing coffee in Turku in that case, if you want to rid the drink of any precipitate);

average (considered universal, suitable for various cooking methods, including brewing coffee in Turku);

small or thin (perfect for to brew flavorful coffee in a cezve on the stove, and coffee hot spring);

ultra-slim (most rarely used, suitable for the preparation of a special Turkish coffee or for coffee, in which the drink is prepared by passing steam through the crushed grain, reminiscent of the flour).

All the necessary information about the grinding is on the label. If you prepare coffee rarely planned, it is better to choose grains that are crushed already at home.

Whole grains can be ground at home immediately before cooking

In addition, there are level of quality, which happens to be:

Of course, the best is a premium, this designation ensures that the grains are crushed into a homogeneous mass, with particles of approximately uniform size, which also ensures the quality of grains used. Buying Russian grain, whole or powdered for cooking, you should pay attention not only to the selected marking type “luxury”, but the state standards, also listed on the label.

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