Coffee with cognac recipes and the mixing rate

Five of the best recipes coffee with brandy

Among all tonic cocktails a special place is coffee with brandy. With proper preparation, you can get a delicious hot drink that delivers a powerful charge of energy and uplifting. Next we will consider the best recipes coffee with brandy.

I recommend to use only high quality brandy and coffee custard (insoluble),

then the taste will be perfect. Connoisseurs of alcohol separately advise to read about what you can drink more brandy. In the classic version it is important to observe the rule of the “three C’s” – Cafe, Cognac, CIG ego twist vision battery.

Coffee recipes with brandy:

1. Custard. One tea spoon of coffee to pour into a fine strainer and compacted. On top of him to pour 15-20 ml of cognac and add one spoon of coffee. Further, the strainer is brought to the Cup and slowly pour through it 100 ml of hot water (not boiling water). Cup cover with a saucer and wait about a minute. At the final stage, add sugar to taste.

2. French. The peculiarity of this recipe is that the coffee and brandy are not mixed in one Cup and served separately. First you need to brew coffee and add sugar to taste. Next, in a separate shot glass, pour a little brandy. First, drink a Cup of coffee and then cognac. An interesting aftertaste, I advise you to try.

3. Vienna. For preparing product, you need one teaspoon of coffee pour 100 ml of hot water, boil for 1-2 minutes over low heat, without boiling.

Next, put in a bowl 3 sugars, 2 clove buds, cinnamon chips and grated zest of lemon or orange. The entire contents of the dish pour 20-30 ml of brandy and ignite. Then pour in a Cup of brewed coffee, add brandy soaked, pre-strain it through a strainer. This is the most refined recipe, but cook it for a long time.

4. Coffee with brandy and milk. The drink is prepared in a ratio of 8:1:1 (in eight parts brewed coffee add one part milk and cognac). Feature – before mixing coffee should cool down a bit, otherwise the milk will curdle.

5. Russian. Is considered the most simple and fast. Just add a Cup to two teaspoons of brandy and sugar to taste. Then to pour the coffee. The drink is ready.

Attention! People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, drinking coffee with cognac can harm the health. These drinks are diverse, brandy dilates blood vessels, and coffee, on the contrary, narrows. In some cases, these cocktail leads to irregular heartbeat and raises blood pressure.

Healthy people doctors recommend not to drink more than one Cup of coffee with brandy in a day. In moderation this combination may even be useful. For example, for the prevention of atherosclerosis and cancer.

Coffee with brandy hair

Mask with brandy, coffee and eggs is perfect for brunettes who want to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss. It is applied twice a week before shampooing. Mask recipe is as follows:

1. Mix until smooth 2 eggs (yolk and white), 2 tablespoons of brandy and 1 tablespoon of ground coffee.

2. Apply the mixture on your head, cover with plastic and wear a hat.

3. Leave the mask for half an hour.

4. Rinse hair with normal warm water without shampoo and conditioner.

5. Wipe with a towel and dry naturally.

The procedure may be performed for several months.

This is not the only case, when the alcohol is used to deal with hair problems, interested readers are invited to find out more about how to use beer for hair treatment. There are several beer recipes of masks.

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