Coffee making technology and the principle of operation of the coffee maker

Coffee making technology and the principle of operation of the coffee maker

Brewing coffee is a ritual, consisting of several stages. If you do not follow the sequence and preparation technology, the result is a liquid brown in colour with a strange odor. Many people prefer to drink instant coffee, so you do not need to spend time on the brewing procedure and to study the principle of operation of the coffee maker . Coffee connoisseurs such barbaric attitude to coffee do not understand and exercise the wit, coming

up with various ways and methods of cooking this amazing drink. On the technical side of brewing coffee was conceived long ago. Many inventions relevant in our days. There are five main categories of coffee makers. The oldest coffee is considered to be a Turk or a cezve. Gourmets prefer to brew Turkish coffee in this way, instead of relying on new-fangled units. The procedure of making coffee in a cezve requires special treatment and time, and if it is lacking, it is best to seek help from the maker. Modern varieties of coffee makers is a geyser, drip, and espresso capsule.

Next in complexity after the Turks are capsule coffee, better known as the French press. The principle of operation of the coffee maker French press is as follows: coffee consists of heat-resistant glass flask and lid, equipped with a piston and a metal mesh filter. For welding use ground coffee which is placed in a glass vessel, pour boiling water and allow to settle in for 5-8 minutes. The longer brewed coffee, the stronger it will be. After the beverage is brewed, it should be filtered. This smooth movement of the piston is lowered, so as not to give rise thicker upstairs and poured coffee into the cups. A French press is also used for tea, which is very convenient. This type of coffee has its advantages: they do not need electricity, they have a low cost.

The principle of auto-drip

Very popular drip coffee makers. They can be found in homes and offices. The principle of auto-drip is pretty simple. The device design consists of a glass or plastic container and stand heating. Ground coffee poured into the filter and pour water into the container. After the machine water is heated and steam pressure flows through the filter in a thin stream. The strength of the drink depends on how quickly water will flow through the filter with ground coffee beans. The slower will leak water stream, the better time to brew coffee. The peculiarity of this type of coffee makers is the availability of filters. There are three types of filters: paper, nylon and gold. Paper filters can be configured only once after each welding them dispose of coffee grounds. Nylon filters are longer, they can be used 60 times. The most durable considered the gold filters, so called rather for their price, as they are not covered with gold, and titanium nitride. Modern models of drip coffee machines have many advanced features, greatly facilitating operation of the device. The advantages of this category is the low cost, the disadvantage is the need to constantly change filters.

The principle of operation of the coffee machine geyser

Coffee makers geyser type can be divided into electric and easy. The principle of operation of the coffee machine geyser is not very difficult. Geyser coffee maker is divided into two parts separated by the filter. In the lower part of the apparatus is filled with water, and the coffee in the filter. Water, boil, starts to climb and passes through the filter into the top of the coffee maker. In some models uses steam to brew coffee. For coffee geyser type is not recommended to use too fine a grind coffee beans as quickly clogged the filter and the water hardly passes through it.

Coffee makers – espresso

It is particularly noteworthy coffee makers – espresso. Coffee made in this car has excellent qualities: it is very fragrant, strong enough and incredibly delicious. The basic principle of espresso makers is the use of high pressure in the coffee preparation. Hot water under pressure through the ground coffee and ready-made coffee is poured into preheated bowls. The cooking process takes less than a minute. People, at all desire will not be able in such a short time well to make coffee. The espresso machines come in different size and capacity. In addition, they are divided into carob and machine in full cycle. In coffee bean type accounted for separately grinding and fill with coffee and automatic coffee makers don’t need to do, since they have a built-in grinder. Coffee machines espresso all operations, from first – grinding the beans, to the last – pouring of the beverage into the cups themselves. You only need to turn on the machine and set the program. In modern models of machines-espresso there are various attachments necessary to prepare different drinks based on coffee, including capacitory. Manually never get to cook cappuccino as preparing his car. Here we use a special principle of espresso makers. The cappuccino nozzle needed to beat milk until thick and fluffy foam.

Today, the appliance manufacturers produce a wide range of coffee makers of various types and modifications. If you divide coffee equipment for its intended purpose, there are three categories: for home, for office and industrial use. In the category “coffee makers for home” you can find models of all types, semi-automatic and equipment for a full cycle. Home coffee makers features small dimensions and volumes, relatively low power and affordable price.

Coffee makers for office, in turn, are divided into four groups: for small offices, medium, large and fashion equipment for Executive offices.

Finally, an industry group. This includes machine high performance and high strength. They differ in size, the large volume and are in different price categories coffee makers for household purposes. Almost all coffee machines industrial type fully automated, which simplifies maintenance and ensures excellent quality of the drink.

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