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Coffee is a flavored drink with a pleasant flavor prepared from roasted beans of the coffee tree. Many people love to start the morning with a hot Cup of coffee. In some countries it is not just a tasty drink, but a part of culture. There are even holiday – Day coffee. This attitude is understandable: moderate consumption of the drink improves health, concentration, improves mood and memory. Scientists continue to study the properties of coffee and its impact on the human body.

For example, it became known that the caffeine content in the beans is more than 1000 mg/l, helps to relieve headaches, migraines, reduces the risk of developing liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus. In coffee beans contain about 1200 chemical compounds, of which the majority consists of aromatic components, and they determine the taste of the drink.

It is important to know how to brew coffee, very thick, fragrant, strong and showed their best qualities.

The taste depends on many factors: variety, degree of roasting, grinding, cooking process. The cooking process has its own tricks and nuances that help you to cook great tasting drink.

What you should know about coffee?

The most common varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. They differ in shape and taste. Arabica grains have an elongated shape, on the surface of the visible line, curved in the shape of the letter S. it is characterized exquisite aroma and light acidity on the palate. Robusta has a rounded grain light brown in color. In taste it is inferior to Arabica, more tart and rough, but improves upon, the caffeine content. There are some varieties, for example, liberica, which are little known and don’t have such refined taste as Arabica and Robusta.

For good taste is important the roasting process. Depending on the selected mode, you can get 4 degrees of roasting: light, which is called the Scandinavian, to darker – Vienna, French, Italian. At this stage the green beans change color to brown and increase in volume.

To grind the beans need in a coffee grinder just before cooking, as this form of coffee quickly loses its flavour. Therefore we have to buy it in the form of grains and store in the fridge (you can even freeze). The grind can be rough, medium and small. What to choose depends on the method of preparation of the drink. For coffee used coarse-grained, and the smallest is used for cooking in Turka, then coffee gives its full flavour.

Cooking methods can be divided into two types: using the coffee maker and cooking in Turka. Coffee makers are drip and hot spring type, they differ from each other by way of hot water for coffee. There is an espresso machine in which water flows under pressure, and a French press. The latter was a glass or metal flask in which coffee is being brewed, and then when the piston is filtered through a sieve. In the coffee, if it is of good quality, can be prepared quite a delicious drink. For this purpose it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and use quality varieties. But true foodies believe that this can only be called the coffee that is brewed in a pot (cezve).

Cooking coffee in a cezve/

First of all it is necessary to prepare Turku. It is believed that it is best suited for cooking that are made of copper. The volume of the Turks must be chosen so that, when filling water reaches the bottleneck. First, Turku need to rinse with boiled water, that it was absolutely clean. After the Turk is dry, you have to warm it on low heat.

To espresso powder at the rate of 2 teaspoons of powder to 150 ml of water. If provided sugar and spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pepper), they are bombarded with coffee. Now Turku had little hold over the fire – this will allow maximum recovery of all grains aromatic substances. Then a slow stream, add cold clean water. The coffee taste will be spoiled if you use boiling or hot water.

The contents of the Turks should be mixed with a special spoon with a long handle and put heat on low heat. The main rule of coffee should not boil. Clear it as soon as the foam begins to rise and reaches to the edges of the Turks. Then you have to wait until the foam goes down, and again put on fire, bring to a boil. Repeat this process 3 times.

To give coffee to rest for a few minutes and pour into cups. Turku should immediately rinse with cool water to prevent the formation of scale, which will affect the taste of the drink in the future.

In the opinion of specialists, the total time coffee should not take more than 4-5 minutes. After this time it loses its unique flavor. To cook coffee it is possible to use grains of one kind or mix several varieties in varying proportions to obtain a unique taste.

Following the main recommendations of how to properly brew the coffee, make it is not difficult and can be cooked many different drinks. There are ways of cooking with the addition of chocolate, ice cream, alcohol, cream or honey. It is believed that Turkish coffee should be prepared in the sand, constantly moving Turku on it, and submit the finished drink with a glass of cold water. Some recipes may have a different cooking technique, but the method is the most simple and reliable. Below are a few recipes based on the base case.

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Coffee brewing methods
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