Coffee brewing methods._1

Coffee brewing methods.

Coffee prepared in coffee contains plenty of caffeine and cholesterol. These substances dissolve in water, when the coffee boil. The smaller the powder or ground coffee goes into the Cup, the better. Therefore, when using the coffee machine is better to use paper filters . and not fashionable “eternal” – “gold”. The paper retains the fine particles of coffee, and through holes in metal or plastic filter part of them gets into the Cup.

If you long to make coffee is harmful to health. At low fusion is not

achieved the necessary strength, taste and aroma. In “espresso” coffee powder comes into contact with water a matter of seconds. Harmful substances during this time do not have time to dissolve in water. But this preserves the aroma, toning fortress, and refined taste.

Every coffee lover has their way of cooking. Some people like to prepare the drink only in Turka:

in dry dishes put sugar, add 1/2 norm of water, bring to the boil, then pour coffee, add boiled water and give rise foam. Foam forms on the surface of the beverage cap that retains the flavor of brewed Oriental coffee. Some fans foam to give up 2-3 times, but it is important that rapid boiling does not rip the cap of foam.

Coffee brewed in coffee pots, serving without grounds. However, true fans only prefer black coffee . Sometimes it is drunk, except adding sugar a few drops of brandy and a slice of lemon.

In the East, coffee is traditionally served with cardamom, and the first European café drank it with milk, whipped cream, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate. This combination of coffee flavors made it a delicious dessert.

There are many ways of brewing the coffee and coffee drinks based on it. Here affected and the peculiarities of the national cuisine, the influence of climatic conditions, and the most widely used ingredients.

Single coffee

one teaspoon of powder per Cup of water. The coffee pot is pre-rinsed with boiling water, poured into his coffee, pour boiling water, bring to the boil, but in no case do not boil, and remove. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes and poured into cups.

Double coffee

brewed twice. First brewed coffee with normal strength, and when he settles, fill the second portion of coffee (1-2 teaspoons), bring to the boil, take off again, defend, and only then serve.

Black coffee with chicory –

brewed as a single, only in the pre-chicory powder is added one part of the chicory into five parts coffee.

Dessert coffee with liqueur

The glass of liquor can be poured directly into the Cup in the already prepared coffee. But it is better to file them separately, as the coffee and liquor are each independently aroma.

Regular black coffee

in a faience vessel with thick walls and a tight-fitting lid to pour coffee, add a pinch of salt – it will improve the aroma, pour boiling water and stir. The vessel, close the lid, and put a soft wool fabric. Coffee is ready in half an hour.

It is worth saying something about the coffee electric stove. Usually it lay based on 1 liter of the drink. Ground coffee is poured into a grid apparatus for 5-6 minutes until the water boiling. In the process of cooking are extracted flavoring and aromatic substances. To improve them should be served coffee in 5-8 minutes after the alert.

In some countries, there is a festival dedicated to coffee. “Coffee day” is celebrated on 12 September in Costa Rica, on 19 September in Ireland and on 1 October in Japan.

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