7 creative ways to brew coffee

7 creative ways to brew coffee

This review article we want to start a series of workshops devoted to various alternative ways of brewing coffee at home. All workshops will be publish as articles in the blog with a video and detailed description of each step in the preparation of the beverage.

Coffee product special and mysterious. To get an excellent

drink in a mug, use a little high-quality grain – it is also necessary to correctly choose the appropriate grinding, cooking time and method of brewing.

Many people believe that coffee can be prepared only with the help of the Turks or the machine, but, actually, there are many different ways of cooking. Get acquainted with the most interesting.

Excellent device for producing delicious black coffee. Designed in 2005 by American Alan Adler and manufactured by a company Aerobie Inc. The taste of coffee, obtained in this way are full, clean, especially saturated. According to the principle of preparation is reminiscent of something between French press and espresso. In fact a sort of big reusable syringe is through the cylinder and piston, one end of the cylinder filter is installed, the essence of the work is very simple, pour ground coffee, pour hot water, push the plunger coffee and voila you are ready. Coffee in 20 seconds!

2. Coffee siphon

Primary name Syphon (balancing siphon siphon or the Vienna machine) is a device for brewing coffee, is actively used with the 40-ies of the XIX century. The author of the idea of balancing siphon is not known, however, the first patent for such a device was issued in France in 1844 Louis Gabutu, whose last name was the everyday name of the siphon machine. Now syphon acquired new life and popularity thanks to innovative technology of production of heat-resistant glass. Is one of the most popular ways of brewing in Japan and China. Truly fascinating cooking together with a thick, viscous drink!

3. Geyser coffee maker

Type of coffee based on the principle of preparing coffee under steam pressure. The first patent in 1933 the Italian businessman Alfonso Bialetti. The company’s slogan read: “in casa un espresso come al bar”, which literally means “espresso at home, the same as in the cafe”. “Moka Express” was recognized as one of the symbols of Italy, 5th place in the category best design of the twentieth century in Italy. Coffee in the geyser has a thick, velvety texture, ideal for lovers of strong drink.

4. Belgian (Vietnamese) filter

Vietnam is not a country with a long coffee tradition. The culture of drinking coffee brought here by the French, but there were also features cooking. Coffee in Vietnam is never cooked in the Turks and coffee pots. It is poured into a special filter and pour hot water so that the final product is slowly dripped into the Cup. Get concentrated the black drink, which can add water or milk. A very convenient way quick an individual brewing in all conditions.

The chemex was invented in the U.S. in 1942, and its advertising slogan was “Brew coffee as a chemist”. However, the large spread of this method of brewing is not received. Off the shelf it was removed recently when coffee began to be treated as an interesting gastronomic object. Due to the specific shape that resembles an hourglass, preparing coffee saturated with oxygen, gets rid of excessive sharpness and becomes soft. By analogy with wine classification coffee from a chemex can be called coffee port wine in color and consistency.

6. Innovative espresso coffee machine mypressi TWIST

Pneumatic espresso-coffee with parameters superior to any portable machine. Stable temperature and pressure, convenient and stylish design, high quality beverage. Coffee maker designed in collaboration with renowned tasters, professional baristas and pneumatic specialists laboratory Los Gatos, California. As the source pressure uses standard gas cartridges from the siphon and Kremer. Now You can organize an impromptu coffee shop in any place only in the presence of water, coffee and portable espresso coffee!

Pour-over (pour-over – literally “pouring from the top – a native of the Country of the rising sun. In fact – the pour-over is the same ritual, tea ceremony, only with coffee. Pour-over is the only existing methods of brewing, which does not alter the natural taste of coffee. So those who want to drink coffee in a primordial, unchanging, and absolute natural – drink pour-over. The entire inventory consists of:

1. funnel (actually pour-over (or as it is sometimes referred dripper)) and

2. of paper filter.

3. Flasks or your Cup

Beautiful and sedate, this method has become a trend that is rapidly gaining momentum. Brew coffee pour-over, you can fully feel the whole spectrum of taste from full grain notes to bright berry fruit.

Experiment, try and drink a delicious coffee!


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